San Francisco-based gothic tribal folk metal band Pandemonaeon celebrates the release of their third album, Dangerous Beauty. Founded by a guitarist with a penchant for unusual chords and a vocalist enchanted by Celtic melancholy, Pandemonaeon blends their driving rock sound with the delicate beauty of folk instruments such as violin, oud, saz, mandocello, bouzouki, flute, and percussion. Fleshing out their sound with heavy rhythm, lush keys and "beauty and the beast" vocal stylings, Pandemonaeon is reminiscent of a harder edged Dead Can Dance. Their sound has been described as "Dark tribal fusion with powerful vocals and metal accents" and "Music for bellydancers in combat boots".

Captivated by the realms of myth and dream, Pandemonaeon draws on Celtic, Scandinavian, and Middle Eastern folk traditions, imbuing their songs with rich archetypal imagery and creating soundscapes both modern and timeless. At times haunting and stark, at times driving and passionate, the result is deeply evocative. Pandemonaeon's archetypal themes and otherworldly sound have made them popular among neo-tribals, neo-Pagans, Tribal Fusion bellydancers and lovers of dark fantasy. Dangerous Beauty was chosen as the number one Pagan music release of 2010 by tastemaker Jason Pitzl-Waters of "The Wild Hunt " blog and "A Darker Shade of Pagan" music podcast. Their music has also been featured in the cult horror film, "The Commune" (2009) and a Gothic Fusion bellydance DVD "Dark Imaginations" by Anaar (2009).

Following an early courtship by Warner Brothers, they have maintained a strident DIY ethic, adopting a warrior-like can-do attitude toward bringing their musical vision to light despite hardship. This steely-spirited commitment to perseverance is reflected proudly in Dangerous Beauty.

"Dangerous Beauty offers a dark and exciting vision from vocalist Sharon Knight, (guitarist) Winter, and their band mates...from the very outset Pandemonaeon draws the listener in with a captivating sound."
-Tony Cannella, Femme Metal Webzine

"It has been a long time since I have heard such powerful music by anyone considering themselves to be Rock musicians."
-Beth Kelley, Pagan Radio Network

"Dark Tribal Fusion with powerful vocals and metal accents."
-Jason Pitzl-Waters, The Wild Hunt, A Darker Shade of Pagan (podcast)

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