So, beauties -

Here's the thing. Pandemonaeon is a place for you to radiate your full glory. To be in your power. To celebrate your aliveness, your passion, your decadence, your uttermost lust for life. And besides, the hotter you look, the better we play. For us, few things are more inspirational that a room full of sexy people in badass black boots. Judging from previous performances, we know you have several pairs.


We encourage you to wear your most bitchin' boots to all our shows - when time and space permit, we will select our favorite pair and offer some sort of prize. Also - we are collecting pictures of you in your badass black boots to post on this site, and will pick a monthly winner to get free music, t-shirts, etc. Shameless favoritism is likely to be shown to those folks also wearing Pandemonaeon t-shirts. But gorgeous outfits that complement your boots will also win high points. Sharon has a weakness for dramatic outfits.

I think this will bloom into a fun tradition for us to share, and truly, the world needs more people to dress more imaginatively more of the time, so anything we can do to kindle the spark of imagination, we are all for. Let us be yet another reason for you all to dress like the Gods that you are!